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Malefetsane Mosala/Lesotho Mission
I cannot see the slides from Australia
PM/EmbCV Geneva - Carla Miranda
I cannot hear the sound
Director General of Health Services - Sri Lanka
We are from Sri Lanka. Thanks very much for the Hon. Australian Prime Minister for the excellent presentation. We want to know from the Australian team more about the expanded testing criteria. Thank you very much.
Puerto Rico-OPS Raúl G. Castellanos Bran Saludos
MOHFW - India
MOHFW India - 2 questions on behalf of the Health Minister
MOHFW - India
India - Questions on behalf of Health Minister 1. Can the headquarters give an update summary about the progress in the solidarity trials for drug and vaccine discovery and also the latest about the Antibody testing Kits and the usefulness of the test Question 2 What does WHO feel about the return of Corona virus again for a second round of the whole world - Thank you
Julian Braithwaite
Please include me in the list of speakers, as I cannot raise my hand on my Zoom interface for some reason. Julian Braithwaite, UK PR
A-t-on des informations scientifiques sur l'efficacité de l'utilisation massive des masques de fabrication locale (réutilisable) ?
Qatar - MoPH
question to countries installed the track and trace application how to exempt Health Care Wokers while assuring strict PPE
Jaime Manalich
Also, we wonder if finantial support to PAHO, as the American Branch of WHO, is also in jeopardy.
Qatar - MoPH
How WHO work with Aviation to assure allignment on lifting restrictions on airlines
Myanmar MoHS
How about the "PiCoVacc" vaccine ?
Australia - DoH
From Australia: in answer to Sri Lanka’s question about the expanded testing criteria mentioned in our Minister’s presentation: In the early stages, when access to tests was constrained, testing was limited to those with symptoms PLUS having recently returned from overseas, or a close contact of someone who has returned from overseas. Some weeks later access to testing was expanded to those with symptoms, regardless of contact with overseas travel; and more recently have expanded testing to those with even mild severe acute respiratory symptoms. In addition, where there have been clusters or outbreaks such as in an aged care facilities, there has been testing of all staff and residents. I hope this answers your question and is helpful.
Director General of Health Services - Sri Lanka
Dear DOH - Australia, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. We highly appreciate your response.
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